• Rev. Dr. Jonathan Udo Ekong 80th Anniversary Celebration of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria Read More
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  • New Administrative Block +

    God has been faithful, the New Administrative Building of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria   Read More
  • 37th Relugar Lutheran Council +

    The National President/Archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria, His Grace, The Most Rev. Christian Ekong un-behalf of the Board Read More
  • 80 Years Anniversay/Founder's Day +

    The Lutheran Church of Nigeria will celebrate her 80th Year Anniversary/ Founders Day from Saturday 10th September to Sunday 11th Read More
  • 80 Years Anniversay/Founder's Day Photos +

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Monthly Devotion

Here is the candle stick with seven branches. The #7 is often called the perfect number because it includes the three persons of the Holy Trinity as representing heaven and the four directions, North, South, East and West, representing the earth.
Seven is, therefore, the perfect number because it represents all of heaven and earth. Each one of candles represents a gift of the Spirit.

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  • The Log-Bell Ringer
  • Processional Cross
  • Proposed Lutheran University
  • Abundant Grace to Press On

Have you ever wondered how Christianity establishes itself among different cultures? Have you ever wondered about what trials and tribulations shaped future patriarchs throughout the Lutheran church? ?Jonathan Udo Ekong – The Log-Bell Ringer? offers this view directly from the man himself with assisted commentary to explain and set the stage from selections of Jonathan’s memoirs. The book provides insight to the trials and tribulations of his path to bring the one true religion and education to his native people, his views on the affects of his culture and religion, government and civil responsibilities, and very important views on conflicts and change in his society. The one true religion is the religion where the Word of God was not compromised by the cultural rituals or norms. In other words, if it was contrary to God’s Word then it should not be tolerated.

In the year 1910, a journey for the son of Chief Udo Ekong Ndem Ekping changed after being initiated into the Ekpo cult and then later turning away from their ways by the calling of God. Affectionately known to his parents as Kponesip (growing big to become small again), he was later to be named Jonathan after his baptism by missionaries. This story is broken up into four parts that are not dealing with particular parts of his life, but deal with concerns and issues. The first section covers Jonathan’s struggle to bring the Word of God and education to his people, the neighboring villages, and finally Nigeria. The second section contains Jonathan’s reflections on issues of cultural practices in Nigeria, specifically in his area. The third section portrays his views of government and social/civil responsibilities. In the final section Jonathan reflects on conflicts and change in communities.

Everything in Christian Church is so arranged that we may daily come here and get forgiveness through the word and Sacraments to comfort our conscience and lift our spirit  as long as we live

''CHRIST LIVES IN ME" is daily necessity for our life and that of the Church's life with God. God is never faithless, put your faith in Him